The Albrook School--Montessori at its best
The Albrook School--The Albrook School--Montessori at its best


The preschool program mixed-age groups (3 to 6 year olds) and allows the children to interact and learn from each other.

  • Older children's self-esteem is raised by helping the younger children.
  • Younger children learn from their older peers.
  • Children develop an awareness of the needs of others.

The Prepared Montessori Environment

Albrook Preschool Program Child

The child is given freedom of choice and movement within a carefully prepared environment. The teachers guide each child to explore and develop at his/her own pace.

The areas of learning in the classroom include:

  • Practical life - the children learn skills to care for themselves and the environment.
  • Sensorial - children learn through the five senses.
  • Math - the materials enable children to understand concepts through concrete explorations.
  • Language - the phonetic approach to reading begins with the sandpaper letters which identify each letter's sound and shape. Tracing each letter helps train the muscles needed for writing.
  • Peace - children learn to solve conflicts in a peaceful way.
  • Nature - The children learn not to fear nature and to be respectful to all living things.
  • Geography, science, music, art and gym complete the classroom.

The aim of the program is to help the child develop all aspects of his/her personality by fostering independence, confidence, concentration, self-motivation and a love of learning.

The Afternoon Program

Albrook Preschool StudentStudents bring their own lunch. The children are with their peers age group in the afternoon and teachers present individual as well as group lessons.

Pre-Kindergaren 1 Program (3 year olds)

This program provides reinforcement of skills introduced in the young child's morning Montessori classroom. Special focus is placed on development of the whole child. Preparation for all future learning is enhanced through a program that includes developmentally appropriate music, movement, children's literature, science, geography, and nature activities. This program further supports the child's growth socially, physically, emotionally, and academically.

Pre-Kindergarten 2 Program (4 year olds)

Pre-Kindergarten 2 encompasses independent work and individual lessons with group presentations that require individual hands-on follow through activities. This program is designed to develop and strengthen the skills of the second year student. Thematic units covered may include explorations of our solar system, the human body, zoology, botany, and geography. Basic skills such as pre-writing, writing, comprehension and math concepts are highlighted throughout the curriculum. Additionally, the Pre-K children will have exposure to specials such as computers, music, drama and library.