The Albrook School--Montessori at its best
The Albrook School--The Albrook School--Montessori at its best


Albrook Kindergarten The Albrook Kindergarten year is the culmination of the primary experience. The students remain in the mixed-aged setting for the first half of the day where they are able to devote time and effort to further develop their academic, social and physical skills. The Albrook Kindergarten students are then grouped with their peers in a cooperative learning environment.

The Kindergarten program includes:

  • creative writing
  • Albrook Kindergarten
  • penmanship
  • complex math concepts
  • reading
  • geography
  • science
  • physical education
  • Spanish
  • computers
  • music
  • drama
  • art

Albrook KindergartenThe program is presented in a teacher guided, curriculum based learning experience. The students use their developing critical thinking skills to gather and share information that enables them to use a more global and universal approach to learning and problem solving.

The exciting Albrook Kindergarten experience is made complete with a graduation ceremony that includes a dramatic and musical performance by the children and the individual presentation of their albums.

Montessori Kindergarten

By American Montessori Society
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This is a must see. Please view why the Montessori kindergarten year - early childhood cycle - is a foundation for life. Montessori Kindergarten: Empowering and Essential