The Albrook School--Montessori at its best
The Albrook School--The Albrook School--Montessori at its best

Contact Information

The Albrook School
361 Somerville Road
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920

Girl working with Montessori materials

Phone: 908 580-0661

Fax: 908 580-0785

Head of School
Pauline MacNeill, 908 580-0661 Ext. 211,

Assitant Head of School, Admissions
Nancy Ponzio, 908 580-0661

Director of Human Resources
Jean Hicks, 908 580-0661 Ext. 221,

Business Administrator
Lynda Zeitlin, 908 580-0661 Ext. 210,

Administrative Assistant
Lisa Perez, 908 580-0661 Ext. 218,

Head of Elementary
Susan Francese, 908 580-0661 Ext. 214,

Head of Preschool
Elaine Dignam, 908 580-0661 Ext. 232,

Head of Stepping Stones
Maria McCusker, 908 580-0661 Ext. 228,

Education Director
Nina Marvi, 909 580-0661 Ext.232,

School Nurse
Jill Sinck, 908 580-0661 Ext. 235,

The Albrook School's Board of Trustees

Chairman Jean Hicks
Vice Chairman Pauline MacNeill
Secretary Eugenia Dowling
Treasurer Robert Kleiber
Officer Lorraine Kopacz
Officer Nancy Kuhn
Officer Jeremy Hollander
Trustee Emeritus Anita Albers

The Albrook School's 2018-2019 APA

President Ms. Kim
Vice President Mrs. Crowther
Vice President Mrs. Zalmover
Treasurer Mr. Schock
Secretary Ms. Tessieri